Friday, April 24, 2020

Principal's Weekly Blog 04/24/2020

Friday Focus: 500 Masks Donated
Twenty BGHS students are working from their homes making masks for local healthcare workers and first responders, with donated materials delivered to them by BG teacher, Ronna Pflanz, who later picks up and distributes the completed masks. Students who have sewing machines at home are making masks, while others are cutting fabric and doing prep work. JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts of Arlington Heights donated more than 70 yards of fabric for the project, enough for 1,000 masks. Many of Pflanz’s staff colleagues have joined the cause, chipping in with their own generous donations.
Pflanz and students have since expanded their work. Her conversations with Northwest Community Hospital’s healthcare administrators, and surgery nurses, led to a request that students produce surgical masks. After carefully checking all specs, it was agreed that students were capable of producing these masks, with special materials provided by the hospital.
Thank you to the Ronna Pflanz’s students who worked tirelessly to make the masks donated to local healthcare workers and first responders: Veronika Chernik, Gabby Damian, Fiona Degrazia, Isabella Delgado, Joanna Delgado, Arina Georgiievska, Stella Gurevich, Luciana Gutierrez, Kiersten Hung, Katya Iliescu, Lexie Lavigne, Chrystel Long, Tyllie Menis, Jess Nikon, Leah Oyen, Dana Oyen, Luis Ramirez, Iris Ramirez,  and last, but certainly not least...Ronna’s mom, Melody Gough! We also need to give honorable mentions to all those family members helping our mask makers, and for allowing their homes to be filled with mask making materials...we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  CLICK HERE to read the D214 Blog Story

The Bison Impact:  
  • Congratulations to senior Giselle Ocampo whose essay took first place in the Mental Health America of the North Shore 2020 Essay and Multimedia Contest in the 11th-12th grade group. Giselle won a $300 prize for her essay. She will be featured in an award ceremony on Facebook Live on Sunday, May 17th at 3 pm where they will recognize all the 11th and 12th grade winners for essays and art work. A video highlighting the work of the students who entered the contest and honoring the winners will be shown.
  • Congratulations to Kam Craft on being named to the 88th News-Gazette All-State high school boys’ basketball 2nd team! A very impressive list of individuals to be included with.  Well earned and deserved!
  • Congratulations to the following BGHS students selected for the 2020 D214 Arts Unlimited Anthology: 

Art: Mac Calderaro, Madeline Dracopoulos, Nicole Garcia, Kayla Salazar, Audrey Yang, Bee Zielinski

Writing: Allison Barthel, Irene Pearl Bosiy, Giselle Campos, Anastasia King, Angella Lee, Daniel Yaroshevich

The pieces selected for this annual magazine represent the excellence and diversity that is associated with the District’s art and writing programs.

Students, you can participate in your civic duty and have the opportunity to win $100 in the #WeCountChallenge. Create a poster or video that creatively shows why it's important for your community to be counted in the 2020 Census.

SAT/ACT and AP Exam Updates NEW Info! 
AP Seniors, you may send a cumulation of your AP scores to a college of your choice for FREE. To do so, you must log on to your My AP account to designate the college. The Deadline is June 20, 2020. CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions.

Please visit the BGHS Assessment Center webpage for continued updates on AP exams, Illinois State testing, ACT and SAT exams. This page is updated as new information is made available, so please check back often. CLICK HERE to visit the BGHS Assessment Center webpage. If you have any questions, please contact our assessment team, Supervisor Julie Chybicki-Zimmer or Assessment Assistant Robin Christie .

Remote Community Service Hours
Click HERE for District 214 suggestions on remote community service opportunities.

Upcoming Dates

May 20
Commencement - Details TBD
May 25
Memorial Day
May 29
Last Day of School
June 20
Deadline for AP Seniors to send AP exam scores to their college for free

BGHS in the News
88th News-Gazette All-State high school boys’ basketball team
News-Gazette, April 19, 2020
Craft reached 1,000 career points faster than any player ever at Buffalo Grove and put up 23.5 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.2 steals per game. Read Story

District 214 Covid-19 Information Center

District 214 has a Covid-19 Information Center page on the website. As new information concerning COVID-19 and its effect on District 214 becomes available, it is posted on this site. This webpage provides links to COVID-19 information from federal, state, and local public health agencies. 

CLICK HERE to visit the District 214 Covid-19 Update Information Center
Help D214 Students and Families in Need
Those wishing to support our D214 students and families directly amid the C-19 pandemic should do so using the official D214 Foundation online giving page at, or CLICK HERE.

The Foundation has committed to a dollar-for-dollar $10,000 match for the initial $10,000 raised, and we know we'll go beyond.

Funds will assist with needs at many levels, and distribution will be coordinated in part through the Foundation's Student Needs Task Force, a group of volunteers who help meet student needs throughout the year. These allocations will be made based on requests from principals in consultation with counselors. This effort is focused on addressing direct, real, pressing needs of students who need assistance now. Funds collected will be prioritized based on need.

Please spread the word and invite neighbors, friends, parents and others to use this Foundation page to give here. You can share the link directly via social media. All donations are tax-deductible.

Resources for D214 Families
A Comprehensive List of Local Food Supplies:

Remote Learning:

Additional Resources:
Here are some resources that I’ve found helpful from Deb Heitner, author of Raising Digital Natives:
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