Friday, April 30, 2021

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog 04/30/2021

 The Bison Impact:  

  • Congratulations to DECA students Bella Larkowski & Andi Yeverino for advancing into finals (Marketing Management Team Decision Making) & representing Illinois DECA at DECA's National Career Development Conference. Finals start next week.

  • Congratulations to Kam Craft on being the first BGHS Boys Basketball player ever to be named to the AP 4A 1st Team All-state team.  A great acknowledgment for his effort and production last season.

Upcoming Dates



April 29

Board of Education meeting 7:00 pm at Forest View Educational Center

May 3-7

Prom ticket sales 8:30-9:30 am in the Main Foyer CLICK HERE for info

May 8

Spring Orchestra Concert 7:00 pm

May 11

Spring Choral Showcase 7:00 pm

May 12

Buffalo Grove Parent Association meeting 7:00 pm

May 13

Board of Education meeting 7:00 pm at Forest View Educational Center

May 15

Spring Band Showcase 7:00 pm

May 19

Commencement Ceremony 7:00 pm in Grant Blaney Stadium

May 20

Commencement Ceremony Rain Date 7:00 pm in Grant Blaney Stadium

May 22

Senior Prom Masquerade Grant Blaney Stadium Click HERE for Prom info

May 24-28

Final Exam Week

May 28

Last Day of School


Back Those Bison!

Did you know you can watch the Bison athletic events on the BGHS Athletics YouTube channel and Vimeo page?

CLICK HERE for the BGHS Athletics YouTube Channel

CLICK HERE for the BGN Vimeo Page

Staff Spotlight

What is your name?  Lindsay Hackman 

What department do you teach in/ How long have you been teaching at BG?  I teach part-time in Social Science. This is my 20th year at BG!

Where did you go to high school?  Prospect High School (Go Knights!)

What part of teaching do you find the most rewarding?  I LOVE the subject matter that I teach.  Psychology is so relevant to our lives both in and out of school and it's rewarding when students notice/share how Psych has "followed them home!"  I might be biased but it's the. best. class. 

What new thing have you learned this year teaching remotely?  I think my biggest take-away is that no matter how much time you spend to be prepared/organized/effective, the Wifi will fail....Schoology will decide it's taking the day off....your iPad will decide it no longer wants to be in your issues will arise!  As a semi- "control freak," I've had to learn how to scramble.  Also, I've learned that I don't love my recorded voice.  :)

What are you currently reading, and/ or do you have a favorite author or podcast? Well, I'm currently reading AP Psych free-response essays but, over Spring Break, I got back to reading Marie Kondo's "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up." Sorting and purging is on my list of summer projects so I'm trying to get myself motivated.  My husband wants to toss everything we own, and I can argue that a toy we haven't touched in years holds sentimental value...

What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor?  I currently do not sponsor or coach, but for my first 7 years, I coached both competitive and sideline cheerleading.  

What is something unique about you?  Despite the fact that I don't like cold weather, or sports played in cold weather, my son plays travel hockey and my twin daughters are competitive figure skaters.  I started skating at the same time I started walking, and it's been such a gift to share the ice with my kiddos.  Nowadays we are at a rink roughly 10 hours/week.  And, the rink is's just a controlled kind of cold. 

BGHS In the News

Boys volleyball: Buffalo Grove sweeps Hersey

The Daily Herald, April 27, 2021

Ask any high school coach of any sport or any level and they'll be quick in telling you how much they've missed doing those jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic put prep sports on hold 13 months ago. "You tell them and you remind them this is what you missed last year," Buffalo Grove boys volleyball coach Tim Kosiek said. "You missed the experience of coming in here into the gym playing one if your biggest rivals and you need to embrace that. You need to stay loose and enjoy that cause these are memories." Read Story


No pause -- just applause -- for innovative D214 theater

The Daily Herald, April 22, 2021

Buffalo Grove High School began the school year with an outdoor production of "Love/Sick." The technical crew installed a stage on the school's football field, and the cast performed for a socially distanced audience in the bleachers. According to Buffalo Grove High School senior Samantha Macauley, the cast practiced safety precautions such as virtual rehearsals and staying socially distanced while onstage.


"What worked was being outside," Macauley said. "It made it more real because we were able to have an audience. I think that was a great scenario" Read Story


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