Friday, March 20, 2015

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog

Friday Focus - 1:1 technology!!

I am very excited to announce that all Buffalo Grove High School students will have District-issued iPads for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year!!
This means that we will have one-to-one technology that allows us to continue to deliver relevant, innovative curriculum to all of our students from 9th to 12th grade. I am honored to be working in a district that is willing to make the commitment to invest in our school by investing in devices for all students.  While sound teaching and learning is the core of student achievement, I believe that providing our students access to current technology tools is one of the best ways to prepare them for their future. I have seen first-hand the transformational way that this technology is changing and improving student learning, engagement, and growth.
The one-to-one implementation follows six years of innovation on the part of hundreds of staff members across High School District 214, who empowered a teacher-led process to bring iPads into our classrooms, developing new instructional materials and identifying ways to transform learning.
For our teachers, ongoing professional development opportunities have been offered to support thoughtful and innovative approaches to integration of technology into each subject area. Teachers will use a wide variety of platforms and applications for assignments and for communication with students and parents, including Schoology, iTunes U, iBooks, Google Classroom, blogs, and Google Sites. Likewise, students will be able to use a range of iPad apps and web tools to create, conduct research and complete assignments.
1:1 iPad implementation supports increased communication between teachers and students and increased student choice and autonomy over their own learning. Faculty are working with students so that they are thoughtful and aware of their digital footprints and can make excellent choices in sharing content that will enhance their digital reputation. We believe that having all students equipped with an iPad will motivate them, support autonomous engagement and strengthen the multidisciplinary learning that defines BGHS.

BGPA Communication and Link (Janet/ Karla)
Lou's Pizza Factory and BGPA** (Buffalo Grove Parent's Association) will be having an ONGOING fundraiser EVERY Sunday through Thursday.  Lou's Pizza Factory has delicious antipasti, pastas (including gluten free), flat and pan pizzas, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.  They are just a few blocks east of BGHS - located at 719 E. Dundee Rd. in Arlington Heights.  If you mention BGPA, Lou's Pizza Factory will not charge sales tax and they will be donating 25% of their income to the BGPA!  Tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  This is valid for Dine in, Carryout, or Delivery.  Any questions, please contact BGPA member, Lisa Groh at or (847) 682-1200.  Thank you for your continuing support of BGPA to help our students!

March 20 Spring Vacation Begins at Close of Classes - Dismissal at 1:50 pm
March 30 First Day of Classes after Spring Vacation
April 3 Non-Attendance Day - No School
April 6 Institute Day - Students NOT in Attendance
May 25 Memorial Day - No School
May 31 Commencement Exercises
June 5 Last Day of Classes

Upcoming Dates/ Big Events Semester 2
March 20 EARLY DISMISSAL, Students Dismissed at 1:50 pm
March 30 Summer School, Drivers Ed, Sports Camps - Online Registration Begins

Back Those Bison - Varsity Home Sports and Fine Arts for the coming week
March 20 Badminton Lucky Clover Varsity Invite, 4:30 pm, Gym & Fieldhouse
March 21 Badminton Karen Douglas Invite, 8:00 am, Gym & Fieldhouse
March 25 Badminton JV Invite, 4:30 pm, Gym & Fieldhouse
March 28 Boys Volleyball, Bison Battle Invite, 8:30 am, Gym & Fieldhouse
March 30 Girls Water Polo vs. Elk Grove, 5:45 pm, Pool
March 31 Badminton vs. Schaumburg, 4:30 pm, Gym & Fieldhouse
April 1 Softball vs. Grant, 4:30 pm, Softball Field
April 1 Boys Water Polo vs. Prospect, 5:30 pm, Pool
April 1 Boys Gymnastics vs. Prospect, 6:00 pm Gym
April 1 Girls Soccer vs. Elk Grove, 6:30 pm, Stadium
April 4 Baseball vs. Niles West (DH), 11:00 am, Baseball Field

For underlevel and away sporting events and the most current information for B.G. activities, please go to:

Daily Announcements Link
Buffalo Grove High School provides daily announcements to the students to keep them informed of current and upcoming events. To provide you with more information, the Student Announcements are now online. The announcements will be online for 10 days.    

Staff Spotlight

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.31.42 PM.png

What is your name? Jeffrey Robert Grybash

What department do you teach in/ what courses do you teach? English Department. I teach Junior American Lit, Contemporary Lit, & AP Lit & Comp

How long have you been teaching at BG? This is my 10 year

Where did you go to high school? I went to William Fremd High School

What part of teaching to you find the most rewarding? Without question, the relationships that are built and developed.

What is something unique about you? My son thinks he's a real life tiger... And that I'm his daddy tiger. We speak in 'roars' upon my entering the house.

What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor? I coach football and basketball here.