Friday, October 3, 2014

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog

Next week is HOMECOMING week!  Here is a list of the highlights for each day:
Monday: Stone Age Day
Tuesday: Greco-Roman Day
Wednesday: Medieval Day, Homecoming Movie Night
Thursday: Wild West Day, Outdoor Concert/Bison Olympics
Friday: Future Bison Day, Coronation, Football Game, 7:30 pm, Stadium
Saturday: Homecoming Dance “A Night On The Red Carpet”, 8:00 pm

Friday Focus - Special Communication to Parents
Parents, when thinking about homecoming, this is a time when some students choose to give in to peer pressure and experiment with drugs and alcohol.  YOU have the greatest influence in your students life!!  A recent Youth Survey found that:  Three out of four youth say parents are the number one influence in their life when it comes to making decisions about drinking, however 45% of our teens say their parents have “not talked to them” or they “do not remember having a conversation” about not using alcohol.* Don’t assume your child already knows how you feel about underage drinking.  Having brief, frequent conversations and making your position clear can make a significant difference when it comes to preventing substance use. Need help starting the conversation?  Click Here  for an interactive tool that can help you get started.

Daily Announcements Link
Buffalo Grove High School provides daily announcements to the students to keep them informed of current and upcoming events. To provide you with more information, the Student Announcements are now online. The announcements will be online for 10 days.    

What Motivates us?  Daniel Pink is a award winning author in the area of motivation.  See a clip from on Motivation in regards to Pink’s work.  I appreciated it for my own students and children: RSA Animate - Drive

Upcoming Dates / Big Events Semester 1
October 7 Sophomore Parent Meeting, 7:30 am, Theater
October 8 Career Night-Arts & Communications/Human Services, Rolling Meadows High School, Registration 6:00 pm, Program 6:30 pm

October 13 Columbus Day - No School
October 27 Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
November 26 Non-Attendance Day  - No School
November 27 & 28 Thanksgiving Vacation - No School
December 19 Winter Vacation Begins at Close of Classes
January 5 First Day of Classes after Winter Vacation
January 16 End of First Semester

Back Those Bison - Varsity Home Sports and Fine Arts for the coming week
October 7 Girls Volleyball vs. Rolling Meadows, 6:00 pm, Gym
October 7 Boys Soccer vs. Hersey, 6:30 pm, Stadium
October 7 Boys Golf at Regionals (Time/Location TBA)
October 8 Girls Golf at Regionals (Time/Location TBA)
October 9 Girls Swimming/Diving vs. Wheeling, 4:30 pm, Pool
October 9 Girls Tennis at Conference, 4:30 pm, Location TBA
October 9 Girls Volleyball vs. Hersey, 6:00 pm, Gym
October 10 Girls Tennis at Conference, 4:30 pm, Location TBA
October 10 Football vs. Rolling Meadows, 7:30 pm, Stadium
October 11 Girls Tennis at Conference, 8:30 am, Location TBA

For underlevel and away sporting events and the most current information for B.G. activities, please go to:

BG in The News

Staff Spotlight
What is your name? Kathy Fox
Kathy Fox helping a student fill out a college application

What department do you work in? I am a member of the  Student Services Team as a Generalist Counselor and the College Counselor

How long have you been teaching at BG?  I have been serving as a counselor at Buffalo Grove High School since 2004.  I have been working in District 214 since 1986.

Where did you go to high school?  I attended Buffalo Grove High School and I am  proud to be a Bison!  We just celebrated our 35th reunion and I am still in contact with many of my classmates.  

What part of teaching to you find the most rewarding? The best part of my career is watching students grow and develop as a student and community member over the four years in high school.  I love to attend graduation because it is rewarding to watch each student receive their diploma and have their families proud of their student's accomplishments and future plans.

What is something unique about you? One thing unique about me is that I am the 10th child out of 12 children in my family.  I loved growing up in a large family.  

What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor?  During my career I have coached girls basketball and volleyball.  I was also a sponsor for Pom Poms, Drill Team and Color Guard.  In addition,  I was responsible for Peer Counselors.