Friday, October 17, 2014

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog

The Pursuit of Perfection . . .  

The Pursuit of Perfection is something we often hear or read about. It is certainly something we strive for in education, both personally as an educator, and for our students.  
One of the blog writers I follow, Randy Gravitt, recently posted about a near perfect football offensive lineman named Walter Jones, who played his entire career in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, making the Pro Bowl 9 times (the same number of holding penalties he had in his 13 year career!), and recently inducted in the Football Hall of Fame.
When asked about his offensive left tackle, Seahawks coach, Mike Holmgren, said, “Walter is the best offensive player I have ever coached.”  Taking into consideration that Holmgren coached players such as Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Brett Farve, this is an incredible statement.  While most of us have heard of the last four names (I apologize to all non football fans!), I bet very few of us, if any, have heard of Walter Jones.  Jones was content being in the background, supporting his team in the invisible position of offensive lineman.  
I relay this story to you for this reason:  Every organization has “hidden players”, those folks that we couldn’t do business without, yet no one notices or gives appreciation to.  We have many of these folks at Buffalo Grove High School, but I want to highlight one such group.  The security staff at Buffalo Grove High School.  These individuals work every day to ensure the safety of every child at BG.  Led by our terrific deans, Steve Kolodziej and Kevin Schrammel, these men and women are active eyes and ears in the building, but so much more than that.  They are confidants, friends, and bring stability to students who have a clear structure in which to operate.  Ask your student who their favorite security guard is, I bet they have one!  Thank you BG security staff!!    

Daily Announcements Link
Buffalo Grove High School provides daily announcements to the students to keep them informed of current and upcoming events. To provide you with more information, the Student Announcements are now online. The announcements will be online for 10 days.    

Friday Focus - Special Communication to Parents
BGPA is now enrolled in the GFS Fun Funds program at the Palatine store on Rand Road. Just mention BGPA at checkout and 5% of your purchases will go to our organization. This includes Market Day items. Proceeds will help subsidize a fun-filled Post Prom!

BGPA Communication and Link
*** NEWS BULLETIN ***   Just announced, BGPA will host Post Prom 2015 at PINSTRIPES.  After researching many different venue options and taking the students' interests into account, the BGPA has decided to support a Post Prom at Pinstripes in Northbrook.  Per the BGPA Co-President: "We wanted to give our students a variety of venues junior and senior year, and are very excited to roll out Pinstripes as our venue in 2015.”   BGPA will be subsidizing the Post Prom event again this year, so the costs will remain only $35 per student.  Students will have the opportunity to continue their Prom experience while listening to a DJ, hanging with friends by the outdoor fire pits, playing bocce or going bowling along with other fun activities.  There will be food/drinks served throughout the evening along with some additional culinary specialties.  This is a great option for students and parents to have a fun, safe, and drug and alcohol free post prom experience!  

Upcoming Dates/ Big Events Semester 1
October 21                        Career Night-Health/Natural Resources, Prospect High School, Registration 6:00                                               pm, Program 6:30 pm
October 23                        Kevin Pearce, Former Pro Snowboarder, Speaks at B.G.H.S. on Traumatic Brain                                              Injury Awareness, 6:00 pm, Theater
October 24                       End of 1st Quarter, 1:50 pm Dismissal
November 8                     Placement Test for Class of 2019 (current 8th graders), 7:45 am-12:00 noon
November 18                   Parent Information Evening, BGHS welcomes Dr. Devorah Heitner. Dr. Heitner offers                                          insights on growing up in a connected world. 7:00 pm, Theater.

Back Those Bison - Varsity Home Sports and Fine Arts for the coming week

October 17                        Boys Varsity Soccer, 5pm, Stadium
October 17                        Steele Magnolias, 7:30pm, Theater
October 18                        Steele Magnolias, 7:30pm, Theater
October 21                        Girls Swimming, 4:30pm, Pool
October 21                        Boys Soccer, 4:30pm Stadium
October 23                        Girls Volleyball, 7:00pm, Gymnasium           

For underlevel and away sporting events and the most current information for B.G. activities, please go to:

Staff member/ student of the week
 1.         What is your name? Nancy Conlin

2.              What department do you teach in/ what courses do you teach?  Math/Science  General Biology, LEP General Biology and AP Biology

3.              How long have you been teaching at BG? This is my 30th year!!!

4.              Where did you go to high school? Melrose High School in central MN (small farming town of about 3000 people - 185 students in my senior class)

5.              What part of teaching to you find the most rewarding?  Absolutely working with the students and seeing them excited about a lesson, a topic or an accomplishment.  I also think I work in the best department in the district with many wonderful colleagues who challenge me every day to be the best teacher I can be.

6.              What is something unique about you? I have been to all 50 states and worked for the NCAA for one year where I traveled to about 40 colleges helping student-athletes run a "big brother/big sister" type program that matched college athletes with junior high students.  This is how my husband (a Hersey grad) and I met.

7.              What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor?  I work the table at almost every boys and girls volleyball and basketball games, work track meets, Saturday School, Lit Lab tutor after school.  I try to help out wherever I can.