Friday, February 27, 2015

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog

What color is this dress?  If you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen this in the past 24 hours.  
Some will see this dress as white and gold.  Others will see it blue and black. Even identical twins are seeing the colors differently!  
While this is fun to see how your family and friends see the same image so differently (I encourage you to do so!), it leads to the bigger question of how we all see the world so differently.  The same image, the same situation, yet two different views.  How often does this happen in our lives, whether at work or home or in issues of the world?  It’s a good reminder that our worldview is not the only one, and listening and learning from others brings even more color into our lives.  

Do you see the dress as White and gold, or blue and black???

BGPA Communication and Link (Janet/ Karla)
Lou's Pizza Factory and BGPA** (Buffalo Grove Parent's Association) will be having anONGOING fundraiser EVERY Sunday through Thursday.  Lou's Pizza Factory has delicious antipasti, pastas (including gluten free), flat and pan pizzas, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.  They are just a few blocks east of BGHS - located at 719 E. Dundee Rd. in Arlington Heights.  If you mention BGPA, Lou's Pizza Factory will not charge sales tax and they will be donating 25% of their income to the BGPA!  Tell your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  This is valid for Dine in, Carryout, or Delivery.  Any questions, please contact BGPA member, Lisa Groh at or (847) 682-1200.  Thank you for your continuing support of BGPA to help our students!

March 20 Spring Vacation Begins at Close of Classes
March 30 First Day of Classes after Spring Vacation
April 3 Non-Attendance Day - No School
April 6 Institute Day - Students NOT in Attendance
May 25 Memorial Day - No School
May 31 Commencement Exercises
June 5 Last Day of Classes

Upcoming Dates/ Big Events Semester 2
March 9 Winter Sports Awards, 7:00 pm, Gym
March 18 Financial Aid Night, 7:00 pm, Forest View Educational Center Theater

For underlevel and away sporting events and the most current information for B.G. activities, please go to:

Daily Announcements Link
Buffalo Grove High School provides daily announcements to the students to keep them informed of current and upcoming events. To provide you with more information, the Student Announcements are now online. The announcements will be online for 10 days.    

STUDENT spotlight

A little different this week, I am going to highlight a student at Buffalo Grove that won the Arlington Heights Young Champion Heart of Gold, Emily Davidson!  Emily is a senior at BG, and is so incredibly deserving of this award.  Here is the write-up from the Heart of Gold banquet last weekend:

“In a time when the future of our world concerns us, young leaders like Emily Davidson, recipient of the 2015 Young Champion Heart of Gold, rose up to demonstrate we have no worries. Born and raised in Arlington Heights, Emily’s journey started, for this evening’s recognition, as a freshman at Buffalo Grove High School. It’s there she joined Interact, a Rotary-sponsored club for young people. These students tackled community issues such as: volunteering with the Northwest Special Recreation Association, NSWRA, working with disabled children and assisting “A-OK” where Emily helped with yard work at the homes of disabled elderly. Emily eventually, once a Junior, was elected as an officer in the club. She also received the prestigious Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) in 2014. Here she worked at a camp – building leadership, communication and problem solving skills. Other endeavors include; tutoring at local schools, participating in annual food drives at local temples, and spearheading an annual coat drive at her high school Lastly, as the current Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, “The Charger,” Emily was instrumental in launching the paper’s website this past year.

All of these experiences come together when Emily studies International Business. That is, once she’s chosen a college to attend. No surprise here, wherever that school is and wherever she lands, our world is in good hands.”