Friday, April 10, 2015

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Friday Focus - Online Safety for Teenagers.
From time to time, I use this blog to address deeper issues in the lives of teen-agers. The following are excerpts from a BlogPost I came across recently.  The author is a caring high school teacher that sees what is going on in the lives of her students.  It is a cry for Parents to be bold when it comes to online safety issues.  
From the lens of your student’s high school Principal, this issue is very real, and has devastating consequences.  We see them first-hand.  This post may come across as offensive or in-your-face, and I recognize this is a tough issue.  But it is important to acknowledge.  If you are ever worried about your own student in this area, please do not hesitate to call our student services dept. at (847) 718-4022

Some Excerpts:  

Teenagers typically do not yet understand the importance of internet safety. Along with the age-old feeling of invulnerability that adolescence has always carried, now there is an unprecedented and intimate access to a world wide community of strangers. So instead of driving too fast or sneaking out at night, your kids might be posting pictures (of themselves) on a website you’ve never heard of to people they’ve never met.

Feelings like insecurity, boredom, even the loneliness of being at home when your friends are all going out – well these feelings are massive to teenagers. A combination of hormones and inexperience create a veritable powder keg of unpredictable behavior. Insecurity might lead to seeking acceptance from strangers by posting a selfie and waiting for people to reblog, like, or comment on it. Boredom might lead to extended conversations online with someone they’ve never met about deeply personal matters.

My success as an adult today can be blamed almost wholly on the fact that my parents were involved in my life.

For the complete blog post:

Another resource:  
“It’s complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens”

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