Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Friday Focus - Former Principal Burlinski has bench Dedicated

burlinskibench6.jpgFormer Buffalo Grove High School Principal Carol Burlinski took a trip down memory lane and came back to the school she led for six years for a special recognition. On May 20 during their monthly meeting, the Buffalo Grove Parent Association (BGPA) unveiled a new bench along with a special plaque dedicated to Principal Burlinski outside the east entrance near the bus lanes and student pick up/drop off area. BGPA purchased the Bison-blue bench a year ago as a way to honor BG’s esteemed “2014 High School Principal of the Year”.
“It’s still so near and dear to me that you would do something in my name. It means so much to me,” Carol told the crowd of parents gathered for the unveiling. Carol says her years at BG are her fondest memories and she credits the parents, who she said were her partners and allies, as one reason. “We always talked about our strengths together in what we needed to do to move our kids forward,” she said. “I cherish the time you trusted me with your children and I will always treasure this (bench).”
BGPA President Karla Meyer said it took a year to get the bench in place because first the new pool had to be finished, then a location had to be determined and then the ground was frozen solid, but in the end it’s in the perfect spot. “This bench has been placed in a location where all who come to BG may see and remember Carol and rest their weary backpack-laden bodies while they wait for the bus or their parents,” said Karla. “We are very pleased that Principal Burlinski could joins us so we can show her our appreciation for her excellent years of dedicated service as principal of Buffalo Grove.”
Carol retired at the end of the 2013-2014 school year and is now the principal of a small Catholic elementary and junior high school in Hinsdale.

May 31 Commencement Exercises
June 5 Last Day of Classes

**  2015-2016 District 214 Calendar  **
August 24 School Opens - Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
August 25 Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
August 26 First Day of Classes
September 7 Labor Day - No School
September 14 Non-Attendance Day - No School
September 23 Non-Attendance Day - No School
October 12 Columbus Day - No School
November 2 Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
November 25 Non-Attendance Day - No School
November 26 & 27 Thanksgiving Vacation - No School
December 18 Winter Vacation Begins at Close of Classes
January 4 First Day of Classes after Winter Vacation
January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School
January 22 End of First Semester
January 25 Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
January 26 Beginning of Second Semester
February 15 Presidents’ Day, Non-Attendance - No School
March 18 Spring Vacation Begins at Close of Classes
March 28 First Day of Classes after Spring Vacation
April 4 Institute Day - Students Not in Attendance
May 30 Memorial Day - No School
June 5 Commencement Exercises
June 10 Last Day of Classes

Upcoming Dates/ Big Events Semester 2
May 29 Graduation Rehearsal, 7:30 am, Gym
May 29 Early Dismissal, 1:50 pm
May 29 Junior Senior Prom, The Westin, Itasca, 6:30 -11:00 pm
May 31 Graduation Class of 2015, 1:00 pm

Wednesday, June 3
   Period  1    7:30 - 8:45 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
   2    8:55 - 10:15 am    (80 minutes - Exams *)
   6    10:25 - 11:40 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
    Make-up    11:50 am - 1:05 pm    (75 minutes)

Thursday, June 4
   Period  3    7:30 - 8:45 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
   7    8:55 - 10:15 am    (80 minutes - Exams *)
   4    10:25 - 11:40 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
    Make-up    11:50 am - 1:05 pm    (75 minutes)
Friday, June 5
   Period  8    7:30 - 8:45 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
   5    8:55 - 10:15 am    (80 minutes - Exams *)
    Make-up    10:25 - 11:40 am    (75 minutes - Exams)
    Make-up    11:50 am - 1:05 pm    (75 minutes)
   * Announcements will be made during this exam time.

•    Buses will leave at 11:50 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, 10:25 a.m. on Friday. Activity buses will be available at 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, 11:25 a.m. on Friday. There will be NO athletic buses.
•    Breakfast or lunch WILL NOT be served on any of the exam days.

Summer School Sem 1 - June 15-July 2
Summer School Sem 2 - July 6 to July 23
Sports Camps - start June 8

June 12 & 13 BGHS hosting Relay for Life - Opening Ceremony June 12, 7:00 pm, Stadium

Back Those Bison
May 29 & 30 Boys Track & Field at State

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Burlinski Bench Dedicated

Staff Spotlight

1.What is your name? Kate Glass
Kate Glass collaborates with fellow english teacher Michael Piccoli

2. What department do you teach in/ what courses do you teach?  EFA, I teach Humanities and Creative Writing.  I also am a co-coordinator of the Lit Lab.

3. How long have you been teaching at BG?  25 years!

4. Where did you go to high school? Arlington High School for two years.  When it closed, I went to Prospect.

5. What part of teaching to you find the most rewarding?  Seeing the lightbulb go on for kids--that's why I became a teacher.

6. What is something unique about you?  Despite years of practice, I have never learned to whistle.

7. What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor?  I'm the Writing Contest Coordinator.