Friday, May 1, 2015

Principal Wardle's Weekly Blog

Friday Focus - Advanced Placement (AP)
Over the next two weeks, 1,599 AP tests will be taken by BG students.  More important than the number of test taken is the level of education that comes with taking an AP course.  The skills in every AP class is guarenteed to correlate directly to the skills all students need to be successful at the collegiate level.  These courses are created and governed by the College Board, and teachers go through a rigorous audit process every year in order to teach an AP course.  Taking AP courses and the corresponding AP test is a priority of mine for our students because I know that the skills learned in these classes are what every student needs to be successful!  There is currently an AP Equity Bill that has passed the Illinois House of Representatives and is in the Illinois Senate that will ensure public universities in Illinois will give credit for all AP tests with a score of 3 or higher!  

BGPA Communication
Post Prom Spectacular 2015!! Join your friends at Pinstripes in Northbrook. Relax and enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends playing bocce ball, bowling, listening to music (performed by a band of current and former BG students!), or just hanging out by the fire pits. Photo booth fun along with delicious snacks will complete your evening!  Tickets will be available for $35 during Prom ticket sales at BGHS on Saturday, May 9, 2015, 8:00am-10:30am in the BGHS Cafeteria. This event is sponsored and subsidized by the BGPA. Don’t forget about our safe and fun Post-Prom event!!  

May 25 Memorial Day - No School
May 31 Commencement Exercises
June 5 Last Day of Classes

Upcoming Dates/ Big Events Semester 2
May 7-8-9, Expressions Big Show, Theater
May 9, Prom and Post Prom Ticket Sales, 8:00-10:30 am, BGHS Cafeteria

Back Those Bison - Varsity Home Sports and Fine Arts for the coming week
May 2 Girls Badminton at Conference, 9:00 am, Elk Grove
May 2 Girls Softball vs. Vernon Hills (DH), 10:00 am, Softball Field
May 4 Girls Softball vs. Fremd, 4:30 pm, Softball Field
May 4 Boys Water Polo Crossover, TBA
May 6 Boys Baseball vs. Hersey, 4:30 pm, Baseball Field
May 6 Girls Soccer vs. Hersey, 6:00 pm, Stadium
May 7 Boys Tennis vs. Wheeling, 4:30 pm, Tennis Courts
May 7 Boys Volleyball vs. Wheeling, 7:00 pm, Gym
May 7 Expressions Big Show, 7:00 pm, Theater
May 8 Girls Softball vs. Hersey, 4:30 pm, Softball Field
May 8 Boys Baseball vs. Fremd, 4:30 pm, Baseball Field
May 8 Girls Track at Conference, 4:45 pm, Barrington
May 8 Boys Gymnastics at Sectionals, 6:00 pm
May 8 & 9 Girls Badminton at Sectionals, TBA
May 8 & 9 Expressions Big Show, 7:30 pm, Theater
May 9 Girls Track at Conference, 9:00 am, Barrington
May 9 Boys Gymnastics at Sectionals, 12:00 pm

For underlevel and away sporting events and the most current information for B.G. activities, please go to:

Daily Announcements Link
Buffalo Grove High School provides daily announcements to the students to keep them informed of current and upcoming events. To provide you with more information, the Student Announcements are now online. The announcements will be online for 10 days.    

Staff Spotlight

1.What is your name?  Ronna Pflanz
Mrs. Flanz keeps the books for the ProStart culinary courses

2. What department do you teach in/ what courses do you teach? I teach in the Career and Technical Education Department (CTE).  The courses that I teach include: Foods 1, Foods 2, ProStart 1, ProStart 2, Fashion Design, Fashion Construction and Fashion Merchandising.  (Phew!!!!  I'm busy!!!)

3. How long have you been teaching at BG? I am in my 21st year of teaching.  All at BGHS. (I bleed Blue and Orange!!!)

4. Where did you go to high school? I graduated from District 211, Conant High School (please don't hold that against me).

5. What part of teaching to you find the most rewarding? The most rewarding part of teaching for me is when I have students in my class that reach my level of expectation, especially when they aren't necessarily the ones that you may have thought.  What I teach allows for students to actually "see" their academic growth.  In culinary arts and in fashion, problem solving, creating, and co-operative learning go hand-in-hand. Many students benefit from this type of education and it allows for career growth and advancement.

6. What is something unique about you?  I actually worked in the fashion industry before going back to school for my education degree. I bring the industry level of education into my classroom, which gives students a realistic view of the industry and an advanced level of skill needed to be successful.  I can also imitate a chicken really well.  :)

7. What activities or clubs do you coach/ sponsor?  Currently, I run the Bison Grill Restaurant, here at BG, through our ProStart Culinary Program.  I have the opportunity to assist our students in a workplace atmosphere, to train them for the hospitality industry or post-secondary education, in the culinary field.  We have served everything from small, intimate luncheons, to luncheons for over 100 guests.  This year alone, we held 16 events!!!!!!  (Whew...I'm tired!!)  I also run an enrichment program in the summer for both culinary and fashion.  This opportunity allows for students to gain knowledge, without taking the coursework during the school year.